Moonchild Sanelly Calls Her Former Manager A “Vulture”

Moonchild Sanelly says her former manager is a "vulture"

Moonchild Sanelly calls her former manager a vulture and details what went down between them.

A lot of artists have amazing relationships with their managers, while some don’t. It is always amazing to see artists state their trust in their managers who they treat like siblings. Other times, we see artist fall out with their managers for cases of ill management, or in most incidents, theft.

Trust Mzansi singer, Moonchild Sanelly to always be open about the things that happen to her. The SA star recently revealed some sensitive information about her former manager, in an effort to keep her from scamming people.

On Monday, August 17, she tweeted stating that her former manager stole from her. It must have been a huge sum of money because she warned her followers to watch out for her, calling her a “vulture”. In a second tweet, she revealed that she (the manager) took her to court even after stealing from her.

Fortunately, Moonchild won, and is out to make sure she doesn’t do the same to other people. She ended the tweet by stating that she (the manager) is not okay. Shoutout to Moonchild for looking out for everyone else. Hopefully, she doesn’t go through that again.

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