Moonchild Sanelly Pissed By SA Radio Stations For Placing Ban On “Askies”

Moonchild Sanelly Is Pissed At SA Radio Stations For Placing Ban On "Askies"

Miinchild Sanelly is pissed at SA radio stations for placing a ban on her song “Askies”.

If we were to list the most controversial artists in Mzansi, Moonchild Sanelly would definitely be at the top of the list. The Mzansi singer is not only famous for her racy videos but also for the explicit lyrics of her songs.

Her song, Askies has been described by many as very controversial. It seems SA radio stations concur because they recently placed a ban on it. Moonchild didn’t take that too well and took to her Instagram page to call them out. According to her, SA radio stations choose to play songs by men celebrating women as sex objects but decide to ban her song.

She also suggested that women take videos of how those songs really make women feel. You could tell she was really pissed from the video. There has been no response to it yet.

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