Moonchild Sanelly Says She Wants Black Coffee On Her Next Album

Moonchild Sanelly reveals in a tweet that she wants Black Coffee on her upcoming album.

Imagine getting a Black Coffee and Moonchild Sanelly collab, we would all freak even before it drops. We have been very impressed with all the work both artists have been putting in, and how much they’ve announced Mzansi all over the world.

Moonchild previously delivered her EP, “Nudes”, and it left a lasting impression in the airwaves. Now, she’s revealed that she is currently recording her upcoming album. Although she’s yet to reveal anything about it, she has stated that she wants Black Coffee on it.

We had no idea she admired his work that much. We really do hope this works out because it would be lit. Sanelly has also announced that she is recording most of the album in the UK where she has stated is her second home. She will also have recording several sessions in the US.

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