Mörda Shows Off His Dance Moves In TikTok Video

Piano star Mörda shows off his impressive dance moves in a recently shared TikTok video.

Protect Mörda at all costs. He’s a tall glass of talent that isn’t running dry anytime soon. The Mzansi star recently showed Mzansi that he could do more than produce beats and DJ.

A recently shared video on TikTok showed the famous DJ busting moves. The video has gotten over 300 thousand views, and the fans have said many good things about it. We weren’t just impressed with his moves; he also proved he’s a fashionista. Mörda was dressed to kill, and it even made the video more interesting.

Mörda previously gave fans so much to gush about at DJ Zinhle’s 40th birthday party. The famous DJ gifted her an engagement ring that had her feeling things. The video clip from the birthday celebration has gotten reactions from fans who congratulated them. Check it out below.

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