More Details On Tina Turner’s Cause Of Death At 83

The news came as a big shock to many – that of Tina Turner’s death. She might have been 83 at the time and contended with past illnesses but some people were still not expecting her to pass away the time she did. Well, more details have since emerged regarding her exit from the world.

At the time of her death, her publicist Bernard Doherty had noted it came after a long illness. The singer had undergone a kidney transplant years ago and was contending with other issues.

A new angle appears to have been added to the story, thanks to the intervention of her representative. The said rep had noted that the singer actually died of natural causes at her home in Switzerland.

Since the news of her death broke, crowds have been converging around her home, with some fans dropping flowers and messages outside her home.

Elsewhere, messages have also been pouring in from around the world as many recall memories of her, what she meant for the culture, and what her death means for the industry as well.

Tina Turner had such a robust influence on the music scene that at the time of her death, she had justly earned the title of Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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