More Trouble For Euphonik Over “Fake” Chat From Rape Victim

may have gotten into deeper crisis after he shared what appeared to be screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation from the lady (@Nampree on Twitter) who had accused him and of rape.

In the screenshot, the lady was apologizing to him, stating that he and the other accused are innocent. She also spoke of her fear of getting into trouble with the law, as those handling her case are ditching her.

As comment to the screenshot, the radio DJ had noted that his accuser needs help else she might hurt herself and others. He insisted she has done so much damage and is therefore beyond any form of help from him.

Some social media users who had analyzed the screenshots thought it fake and made it clear in their posts, describing as futile the DJ’s attempt the “deceive” the public.

Apparently unbothered by the public’s opinion of the screenshot he shared, mocked those who had accused him of sharing a fake screenshot, dropping a laughing emoji for effect.

By the way, has since taken down both tweets, of @Nampree’s apoloy and that of him mocking peddlers of the fake screenshot narrative.

Well, what do you think? Yomay share your thoughts below.

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