Moving On From Black Coffee, Enhle Mbali Hints To Have Found A New Man

After an acrimonious break up with celebrated DJ Black Coffee, Enhle Mbali hints at having found a new bod. And oh she is keen the world should know she is very happy.

There’s no verbal statement she’s found a new man, but she gave a serious clue there’s a new man in her life in a video she shared on her Instagram page 5 hours ago today 28 August 2020.

In the clip, Enhle Mbali could be seen in one of the seats in a vintage BMW. Someone else was in the driver’s seat attempting ambitious F1 spins with the cars. As the car swerves, Enhle Mbali screams excitedly like a teenager experiencing love for the first time.

Last we checked, the video had reached over 28k viewers. It was clear from the comments that her fans were excited for her as well. One of them, who goes by the handle @mmogoduiker, noted the actress was happy, dropping love eyes, flame and laughing emoji at the end of her comment.

Who could be making Enhle Mbali so happy right now? Has she really found a new man or she’s just teasing the Rainbow Nation? The coming weeks should reveal a lot, of course. No love story is fever hidden. Or what do you think?

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