Mr JazziQ Announces Mabajabul’Abantu Vol.2 Album With Busta 929

A year ago, toward the end of 2020, amapiano DJs and record producers Mr JazziQ and released a project they called “Mabajabul’Abantu.” A year after, they are set to release Vol. 2 of the project.

announced the second volume of the project in a recent post to instagram. He gave no timeline when fans should expect it, though.

Also, he wasn’t forthcoming on the tracklist and who and who might be featured as guests. All the same, from the reactions to his post, it was clear that fans couldn’t wait to listen to what the songster and his pal have got in the works.

The previous project was a hit with the amapiano crowd, so many fans are just as confident the imminent one will be a smash as well – apparent in the storm of flame emojis as comments.

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At the rate Mr JazziQ and are collaborating, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them become a group in the coming days.

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