Mr JazziQ Dedicates “Woza” Video To Mpura & Killer Kau

South African disc jockey and producer Mr JazziQ has dedicated the music video of his song “Woza” to his late friends Mpura and Killer Kau.

The two musicians had perished alongside four others in a road accident while heading to a gig. It was the biggest single blow to South Africa’s amapiano universe, this loss of six artists at the same time.

The musos might be gone, but they’re clearly still in the hearts of those who loved them, including, of course, Mr JazziQ. Not only is he a friend to the duo, but he’d also collaborated with them previously.

Mr JazziQ, a onetime member of the now-disbanded JazziDisciples, is one of several musicians memorialising the dead. Another is Lady Du; she had gotten a new tattoo to memorialize Mpura and Killer Kau. She was at the burial of the former and gave a speech that moved many to tears.

From the look of things, Mpura and Killer Kau will continue to be celebrated, and for the right reason: they made an impact.

What do you think of Mr JazziQ dedicating the visuals of “Woza” to Mpura and Killer Kau? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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