Ms Cosmo Shares Her Problem With A-Reece

Ms Cosmo has a problem with A-Reece, she reveals it in the latest episode of POPcast.

Since hit the scene, the talented emcee has risen to be one of the most sort after rappers in the country. He has claimed a very loyal fanbase for himself, and dominated the charts and airwaves with major hits.

However, Ms Cosmo believes he could at least do more and get more money. In a recent episode of POPcast, the hosts talked about artists who they think are underrated and have the most underrated projects. Guest host, picked and Ms Cosmo found it hard to agree with him.

In her opinion, Reece is never present. She further stated that fans only get to see him when he’s about to drop new music. Cosmo believes he’s leaving a lot of money on the table, money he could easily make. Check out the full episode below.

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