Murdah Bongz Previews Production For Black Motion 2020 Album

Murdah Bongz shares clips of production for Black Motion 2020 Album

Murdah Bongz previews the production for the upcoming Black Motion album.

Some of the biggest hits on the airwaves are credited to have been produced by the most talented beat makers in all of Mzansi. Although, some hits are sometimes created by ghost producers but that is not the case with the upcoming Black Motion album.

Talented Black Motion member, Murdah Bongz is showing all of Mzansi that he’s the sole producer of the entire Black Motion upcoming album. He recently shared a video to Instagram, one which showed the production process for the upcoming Black Motion album. In the captions section he revealed that there are no ghost producers on the album.

Black Motion has always been known to deliver amazing music, the production on the songs are usually credited to Murdah Bongz. It is great to see that the upcoming album would also he produced entirely by Bongz.

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