Mzansi Celebrates Carol Ofori As She Bags Lead Role In Disney Animation “Kizazi Moto”

The saying that dreams can come true manifests all over the place, and we have just seen a recent manifestation in the life of South African media personality Carol Ofori. She has just bagged a role on Disney’s  Kizazi Moto.

Now, who in her position wouldn’t be excited? In a post on her official Instagram page, she shared the “exciting news” with her fans, letting them know that she is now part of the Disney animation flick.

It was so unreal that she was pinching herself just to be sure she wasn’t dreaming. In the flick, based on what she wrote in the caption to her Instagram post, she played a lead role – that of a racing car driver.

She admitted there’s still more to share with her fans and she would do that in the coming days. In the interim, fans could do what she’s already shared with them. You can check out the post below.

It turned out her fans were just as excited about her role in the Disney animation as she is. It will be interesting to see how she would perform as part of the Kizazi Moto cast. We might bring you more details n that, so follow us and stay tuned for updates.

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