Mzansi Charmed By Anele Mdoda’s Short Hair In Recent Snaps

South African media personality Anele Mdoda keeps giving fans reasons to talk about her. This time, though, it has nothing to do with American singer and  Destinys Child Member Kelly Rowland. Anele wore her hair short and many of her fans were chuffed with what they saw.

Anele had tweeted four pictures of herself, noting in the caption that short hair is a “BDE move.” Last we checked, the tweet had been viewed over 119k times. The responses to it were overwhelmingly positive, with tweeps stating that the hair looked good on her.

from love-eyes, red heart and other endearing emojis, Mzansi was keen to let the television personality know that she looked charming. It was one of those rare moments when Anele Mdoda wasn’t under the hammer of critics for her unsolicited takes on singer Kelly Rowland.

Anele Mdoda had become infamous for describing the American singer as ugly despite Kelly not having offended her in any way previously. And although she had been asked to apologise for her insolence, she was adamant she wouldn’t.

Anyway, the focus right now is on her hair. Hopefully m she doesn’t veer off the handle and start attacking Kelly Rowland for no reason again.

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