Mzansi Divided As DJ Fresh Worried Out Loud Over “Coincidental” Encounter With Rape Accuser

South African media personality DJ Fresh has expressed concern for his safety after allegedly encountering at his show a woman that had previously accused him of rape.

The musician had taken to Twitter to share his worries, as well as give details about the incident. In his tweet, he wondered why someone who had tried to ruin him with lies would attend a show that he was performing at.

He also noted that “they” left – implying the rape accuser was not alone – at the same time he was leaving, and ended up sharing an elevator with him despite his attempt to avoid that. You can check out the tweet below.

DJ Fresh did not name the person, but it was clear the person is no other than Nampreee, who had accused him and DJ Euphonik of raping her and her friend back in 2011. The case was dismissed for lack of evidence, but Nampreee holds fast to her claim that the celebrated radio personality drugged and defiled her.

The comment to DJ Fresh’s post was restricted to only those he was following on Twitter. So the comments there were mostly those supporting him and wishing his safety as he pushes ahead.

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