Mzansi Freaks Over New Season Of Top Boy

Mzansi shares reactions to popular UK series, Top Boy season 2 dropping today.

If you’re not a fan of Top Boy on Netflix, then you’re really missing out. The show is so good that British rapper, Little Simz called today, “Top Boy Day”. In case you haven’t heard, the second season (or what most would call the fourth season) dropped today on Netflix and everyone has been going crazy for it.

You could just rephrase and say that your favourite show about London’s drug gangs is back. With its impressive cast, the show has added new characters that would make you want to scream out of joy.

Recall that the show was revived after Drake confessed to being a fan and wanted to know what happens later on. That was back on 2019. Fast forward to right now, Top Boy has really evolved into a global hit that everyone is talking about. We hear the new season is really good and some Afrobeats tunes made it there.

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