Mzansi Intrigued As Enhle Mbali Seemingly Forgives Ex-Husband Black Coffee In New Post

After a brutal divorce battle with her ex-husband and sporadic social media war, Enhle Mbali appears to be ready to move on finally, having just given clues in a recent Instagram post.

It has been said that forgiveness is the root of progress and growth after a failed relationship and even in other instances. The actress appeared to have realised this finally, as she seemingly forgave her ex-husband for everything. While she didn’t address him directly, her post shows that her blanket of forgiveness covers all, including herself.

In a recent post on her verified Instagram page, the actress had harped on the importance of letting go of all things that hold one back. She is a living example, as she has forgiven her past, those who hurt or wronged her, including herself. Now comes a new world of meaning and healing. You can check out her post below.

While Enhle Mbalie didn’t mention her ex-husband’s name, it is the same name many people have in mind while trying to digest her post. The two had a wonderful relationship until things broke down between the, with Enhle claiming that he cheated on her with other women. Well, it appears all that drama is in the past right now.

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