Mzansi Prays For Zoleka Mandela As She Announces She’s Back In Hospital

Zoleka Mandela is back in the hospital for another round of treatment. In a post on Instagram, she let her fans know about her current hospitalisation, as well as clued them in on what lies ahead.

Zoleka, a granddaughter of Nelson Mandela, is suffering from cancer. Her condition is said to be pretty bad and she herself had reportedly been preparing for any eventuality. She was bold enough to share her health challenges with the public.

Ever since she announced that she was suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment, South Africans had been showering her with love and prayers, wishing her a quick recovery despite the fearful prognosis.

Those words of encouragement and prayers are just what she needs at a time when life appears to be losing its beauty and meaning and the gulf of oblivion appears close.

In her latest Instagram post, she shared a snapshot of her hospital record, covering some private information. In the caption to the post, she noted she had been in the hospital since Saturday morning and currently receiving radiation in her spine and pelvis. Chemotherapy would follow later, according to her. You can check out her post below.

As she herself noted, it is going to be a long haul, but she might be comforted in the knowledge that her compatriots are praying for her.

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