Mzansi Reacts As AKA Savages Beatmaker Who Wants To Work With Him

Kiernan “AKA” Forbes has got South Africans talking by the way he responded to an unknown beatmaker. Mzansi thinks he should have been generous and not buried the muso with his words.

In a recent post to Instagram, which he’s since deleted, AKA had shared a message from an unknown beatmaker who appeared sad that he’d attended AKA\s 34th birthday party yet the “Fela in Versace” hitmaker does not think it cool to work with him.

In the comment to his post, AKA had lambasted the beatmaker, noting that 90 percent of the music he gets are just that – trash. He further condemned the beatmaker for feeling entitled.

Not done, he’d further given a clue into his musical odyssey, noting that even before he could link up with greats like HHP, Khuli Chana, etc, several numbers had to be changed.

In other words, it’s never an easy walk, especially getting to collaborate with established voices. And yet, the beatmaker thinks, according to AKA, that he could just jump on his back and ride. No way, says Kiernan.

Some South Africans were appalled by his response, with some of them saying he should have been kinder and not fired brutal shots at someone who probably doesn’t know better.

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