Mzansi Reacts To Government’s ‘R50m Cuba donation’

Mzansi shares shocked reaction to the Government’s R50m donation to Cuba, “they must have our nudes”.

Mzansi is certainly not to be messed with, and the government may have just realized that. Fuming reactions have flooded the internet since the government announced a R50m donation to the people of Cuba.

It all began when it was reported that “The government will be making a donation of about 50 million rand to the people of Cuba”. Further reports reveal that the people “are affected by food security problems due to sanctions imposed by the US”. Twitter was immediately ablaze with angry reactions from the people.

A Twitter user commented that the government had just taken a crippling loan from the IMF. He compared giving that amount of money to Cuba to “going to a loan shark for R5000 and then telling your mates that drinks are on you”. Another tweep reacted that giving money to Cuba is not the problem, but that fact that the government is doing it with borrowed money is.

Another tweep reacted that they country “must have our nudes” for the government to give out that amount of money. Another tweep reacted that Cuba helped black people during Apartheid. Check out some of the tweets below.

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