Mzansi Suspects Foul Play As Electricity Is Cut At Enhle Mbali’s Apartment

The drama continues for estranged couple Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali. With news flying around town that Enhle Mbali’s electricity has been cut off, some peeps are already insinuating that Black Coffee has a hand in it.

The two used to be the ideal couple for many until they split, with Enhle insisting Black Coffee cheated on her with other women and asking for a hefty sum as divorce settlement.

Just recently, she had sought a restraining order against him but lost it in court. With Enhle stating on social media that her electricity has been cut off, Mzansi Twitter is abuzz with speculations the celebrate DJ might have a hand in it.

Enhle, an actress, shared a picture of herself in the dark. She also shared a picture of a man beside a Volkswagen clos to her apartment, insisting the dude was acting funny so she took a shot of him. She urged her fans to be safe wherever they might be.

Below are screenshots on the situation following the power cut.

By the way, Black Coffee is yet to speak on speculations he might have a hand in the cutting of power to her apartment.

What do you think, though?

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