Nadia Nakai Blows Hot At Kenya Airways For Losing Her Bag

SA Hip Hop star Nadia Nakai is angry at Kenya Airways for losing her bag.

Now and again, we hear stories of popular airlines losing luggage. You may recall when beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase called British Airways out for breaking into her luggage and stealing her expensive wig. The same thing was done to her manager.

The latest celebrity to put an airline on blast is rapper Nadia Nakai who had a bad experience with Kenyan Airways. The Netflix star lost her luggage at the airline, and nothing was done to find it. She expressed her rage via her Instagram stories.

Nadia first announced that the airline had lost her bag. Then, she tagged them, claiming they had done nothing to find it. According to her, she had called their number over and over again, but it has been radio silence from them. There isn’t any update on the lost bag yet.

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