Between Nadia Nakai And Her Wig

Nadia shares useful tips to wig-wearers.

Nadia Nakai has decided to tell the world about her hair secrets, and her fans are excited!

An undeniable quality Nadia possesses is the fact that she has vast skills in several areas. The talented rapper has signed major endorsement deals and even launched her clothing lines. The star is obviously living the life!

It was recently discovered that the skilled rapper has also started her YouTube channel. on this channel, she will be sharing her ‘do’ secrets.

If you’ve seen pictures of Nadia Nakai on more than one occasion, you’ll realize that the rapper has great taste when it comes to the styling of her hair. The star has tried several lovely hairstyles, from rainbow-coloured straight weaves to long bleach blonde braids.

Nadia Nakai has taken to social media to inform us that she will be sharing wig secrets, wig treatments, and reviews. And this is the dream of every wig-wearer.

Her fans have taken to social media to talk about how glad they are as their favourite celebrity will enlighten them with knowledge about wigs.

The successful rapper and songwriter is not just a successful fashion icon, she is also the co-host of Yo! MTV Raps South Africa, an MTV Base hip hop show. She anchors the programme along with Siyabonga Ngwekazi. Her debut album, ‘Nadia Naked’, was released last year, followed up with ‘Imma Boss.’

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