Nadia Nakai Snaps American Lover?

Is dating American musician Vic Mensa? Well, that’s the question on the lips of fans following the release by Nadia Nakai herself of a clip showing the two of them getting cozy at the back seat of a car. Nadia Nakai was lying on Vic Mensa’s lap.

was probably busy with the music as well as television appearance. Now, though, she appears ready to give the relationship thing another shot.

Previously, she had dated Bandile, one of the bods who make up the Major League duo. When the relationship ended, had taken refuge in a song titled “More Drugs,” featuring Tshego.

Interestingly, the said song had gone gold in early 2020. Reflecting on her gold triumph, she had smiled at how a supposedly difficult situation had actually fetched her something great.

Anyway, she appears to be in a better place emotionally right now, with Vic Mensa, with absolutely no need for “more drugs.” Vic Mensa appears to be the drug right now – seeing how comfortably she was lying on his lap.

Neither the “Yass Bitch” rapper nor Mensa has confirmed a relationship, though. But do we really need a confirmation for us to know they’re dating? Stay tuned, people!

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