Nadia Nakai Teases That She Is Not Single Anymore

Nadia Nakai hints that she has a bae!

Barely two years after her relationship with Major League DJz Bandile ended, Nadia Nakai is dropping hints that she has a new lover.

The talented rapper is not the kind of celebrity that often talks about her personal life. She adopts this lifestyle because she wants people to focus more on her music rather than her personal life.

Nadia Nakai had previously stated that it was one of the reasons she called it quits with DJz Bandile. She wanted to be known as a talented rapper rather than a female rapper who was dating a DJ. Nadia wanted to grow her brand independently without people seeing her as a mere girlfriend of a DJ.

The former lovebirds had revealed that they called their relationship quit in a peaceful way but it was surely heartbreaking. Nadia Nakai hit song ‘More Drugs’ whose music video was recently released was inspired by her experiences with Bandile.

The former lovers still work together on a professional basis but they have confirmed that no intimate relationship is going on between them.

On a recent tweet where Nadia Nakai defended her view on South African’s rappers streaming numbers on Spotify, Nadia revealed that she has a new lover.

She wrote:

I just y’all to listen to us more.. buuuut I feel Twitter is just about to erupt on OTHER topics, so imam just take my conversation to Bae. Enjoy your Sunday.

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