Nandi Mbatha and NaakMusiQ Might Be In A Romantic Relationship

Nandi Mbatha and NaakMusiQ may be romantically involved

It seems Nandi Mbatha and may be in a romantic relationship.

Oh, the mystery of it all. Dear Nandi, if you’re going to show off a photo of your new man who’s also a celeb, make sure he isn’t wearing shorts and showing off his famous leg tattoo.

It wasn’t hard to figure out the mystery man Nandi Mbatha showed off in her Instagram page. It was obviously talented music maker, NaakMusiQ. Nandi had shared a photo of herself with him. Fortunately for us, he had shorts on, and we could see his famous leg tattoo.

Also, Naak posted a photo of himself in the same outfit to his Instagram page and tagged it “a clear future”. Well, literally, the furture is actually clear and that wasn’t hard to figure out at all. It’s no news that Nandi split with Tellaman. Earlier in the year, she was also romantically linked to junior creative director of Quiteria Atelier, Motsi. Seems that has ended too.

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