Nasty C Celebrates Co-Sign From Chris Brown

The Zulu Man With Sime Power Nasty C appeared to have struck his American counterpart Chris Brown with a bolt of lightning and Breezy has given him a thumbs up. Yeah, the American shared a clip of one of Nasty C’s freestyles, causing the muso to trend at home.

A co-sign is particularly significant coming from an artist who is way more accomplished than one is, and those who get it are more than chuffed, almost always celebrating it online.

It was no surprise, then, that Nasty C was pleased with the co-sign from Chris Brown and excitedly shared it on his Instagram page. He didn’t see it coming, but there it is. A crying emoji indicated he was deeply moved by the co-sign from the American.

Well, who wouldn’t be moved? Chris Brown is one of the top voices in global music out there. Some even think of him as the modern-day Michael Jackson.

Anyway, for Nasty C, the co-sign has shown once again that he is one of the memorable voices in South African music. What’s more? He’s been around long enough for his name to circulate globally. Maybe this is just the beginning for the “Black & White” chanter.

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