Nasty C Needs 50k Comments To Drop “Eazy”

Nasty C needs 50k Comments to drop the new song "Eazy"

Nasty C is asking for 50k comments to drop the his second single, “Eazy”.

There are levels to this thing. Depending on the kind of fanbase a rapper commands, they can ask fans to do literally anything for them to drop new music. Trust us, the fans definitely would do it.

Nasty C is on a whole other level. The Mzansi rapper announced his new album, Zulu Man With Some Power this year, and the anticipation for it has been crazy. He dropped the first single off the album “There They Go” and it got a lot of love from fans.

Since then, we’ve all been waiting for a followup. About a week ago, he announced a second single “Eazy” and revealed it could be dropping anytime within the week. But that didn’t happen. He now recently posted a preview of the song asking for 50k comments to drop it.

You should know, right now, the post is already at 36k comments and counting. You might wanna jump in and help.