Nasty C Says He Can Compete With Eminem

Nasty C Says He Can Compete With Eminem

The “Zulu Man With Some Power” and self-proclaimed Coolest Kid in Africa Nasty is so confident in his gift that he has made it clear he compete with Eminem, who is considered a king in American rap.

Nasty C made his audacious claim in a clip which is currently circulating online. Expectedly, the clip has generated mixed reactions from social media users.

While some of his fans thinks him gifted enough to even engage  Em in a Verzuz battle, others could not contain their mirth thinking Nasty C no math for the America who has been decades in music. You can check out the video below.

Nasty C is doing great as a musician and has earned his stripes as one of the most noticeable voices in South African music. But can he beat – or rather best – Em?

Having the two in a Verzuz battle will shake the industry, really. But would Em agree to battle a bod who is young enough to be his son? Questions. Questions. Questions.

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