Nasty C Set To “Burn” In Fire In The Booth

There is literally “Fire In The Booth” as South African rapper Nasty C is picked as the next guest on the platform, the songster would literally step into the “Booth” and perform for the audience.

The choice of the songster would not surprise anyone. In fact, as far as many Souitjh Africans are concerned, it was one choice so welcome. And for goods reason, too. The songster is one of the high-flying rappers in South Africa right now.

In fact, at this point in his career, he already has a secure place in the world of South African rap and music generally. The Zulu Man With Some Power is out to show his sinews on the set of Fire In The Booth.

This isn’t exactly his first experience in the booth, though. He’s been there before and he had a wonderful time. Recalling his “Booth” adventures, the songster would note that it was always a great experience to get in the booth with Charlie Sloth. For one, according to him, the energy is unmatched and the excitement is something else

Charlie Sloth himself is here for the experience, as he notes he’s always being a big fan of the “Black & White” rapper.

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