Nasty C Shares Projects He Has Been Collaborating On Lately

Nasty C reveals what he has been working on.

If you are a dedicated fan of the popular South African rapper, Nasty C, what you will be wondering right now is when he will be releasing his highly-anticipated album titled ‘Zulu Man With Some Power.’ 

Yes, we are also anticipating the release of his long-awaited album. The great part of it all is that Nasty C is not leaving us in anticipation. The young rapper has not dropped his projects but he is keeping us busy by showing us bits of himself.

The talented rapper recently collaborated with Storm Hustle to produce two hit records. One of the records titled, One Hunnied, surprising has a condom as its cover photo. We’ve been very curious to know what it is all about and why they had chosen to use such a cover photo.

We’re lucky to hear Nasty C’s verse and understand it all.

The young rapper also teased what he has been working on with DJ Audiomarc.

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