Nasty C & T.I. Perform “They Don’t” For Late Night With Seth Meyers | Watch

To listen to a song is one thing; to watch it performed is an entirely different experience. Many out there will tell you they prefer a song performed.

When the performance is by two star artistes, you know you just have to watch. And watch we did. We are chuffed with Nasty C’ and T.I.’s performance of the song “They Don’t,” a fierce tune on racial oppression and the audacity of resistance.

The song was supposedly spawned by the killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis cop Chauvin and his colleagues. The thrust of this song is actually beyond the American experience. It cuts into the African experience, too, although not particularly pronounced.

At any rate, Nasty C and T.I., associated by music but separated by provenance, gave a sterling performance of the song for Late Night with Seth Meyers. It is a pleasure watching them spit their bars on the mic.

Seth Meyers uploaded the video of the performance of “They Don’t” on his channel yesterday 24 June 2020. At the moment the video has over 24k streams on the video sharing platform.

How would you rate the pair’s performance? Fire your thoughts in the comment section below. And, share!

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