Ndlovu Youth Choir Drops “Shallow” Official Music Video

At last, South African youth band Ndlovu Youth Choir have released the music video of their song “Shallow.” If you’re expecting to watch a shallow video, then you’re on a long thing – as the saying goes.

The “Shallow” thing starts and ends only in the title. The music video itself bears great creative spark and takes the viewer places of visual delight, from skyscrapers to mountains. Of course, the ultimate force of the song rests in its lyrics.

With years of creative and performance excellence behind it, Ndlovu Youth Choir once again amplifies its position as one of the major groups in South Africa. It’s hard not to fall for what the group has created with their “Shallow” video and to look forward, ultimately, to more numbers from them.

Well, would you rather join us as we take a “Shallow” break right now?  We’re confident you’re gonna love every minute watching this music video. No qualms’ let’s drink from this “Shallow” well.

What do you think of Ndlovu Youth Choir’s “Shallow” video and how would you rate it on a scale of zero to ten? We invite you to stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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