Netizens Unimpressed With Sorisha Naidoo’s Barbie Instagram Pictures – Check Them Out

Barbie the movies trended recently and many people even played with themes relating to the flick. One of those who did just that is Sorisha Naidoo, wife of the South African billionaire Vivian Reddy.

In a post on her official Instagram page, Sorisha had shared slides of Barbie pictures. In the caption to the post, she thanked some of her associates who had shown her magnanimity. However, it appeared South Africans were unimpressed with the Babrbie pictures she shared.

The theme mirrored the 80s. What would an 80s Barbie look like? That formed the basis of much of the conversation, and peeps were convinced she didn’t have a grand or fine representation. You can check out her post below and see for yourself.

Sorisha Naidoo was one of the cast members of the recently concluded Real Hoisevies of Durban (RHOD). She was also a key centre of attention on the set of the show because of her husband’s financial standing and the drama she brought to the set as well.

With the RHOD no longer playing, Sorisha has directed her energy elsewhere while still managing to hold the attention of her fellow South Africans and reality show lovers. Life must go on, after all.

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