Nicki Minaj Pregnant With Petty’s Baby

Onika Tanya Maraj, the Trinidadian-born singer and songwriter who goes by the stage name Nicki Minaj, is pregnant. She announced the pregnancy via her Instagram page 15 hours ago.

She is pretty excited about her pregnancy, as are her fans worldwide, who have inundated her social media pages with messages of congratulations.

Actually, the pregnancy thing cropped up as a subject of conversation back in May this year, when the “Yikes” crooner spoke about her symptoms online. Back then she had spoken of her unusual cravings, as well as her feelings of nausea.

A fan had jokingly asked if she was vomiting as well. Nicki Minaj, who apparently had an idea what the fan was implying, laughed it off, saying she wasn’t. She only had nausea.

Well, vomiting or not, the adorable singer has finally admitted she is with child. Her protuberant stomach might be the ultimate testament to this reality. The songstress has shared a couple of shots of herself in bikini, revealing her baby bump

You can check out some of the pictures below.


From the shared photographs, it is clear the baby bump looks good on her. There’s no information yet on when she would give birth. But then we will bring you the news as soon as baby Nicki Minaj cries into the world.

Stay tuned.

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