Nigerian Singer, Ruger Dances Sexually With Ladies During His Sydney, Australia Performance

Famous Nigerian singer Ruger dances sexually with his female fans during a performance in Sydney, Australia.

Over the weekend, the internet was hit with a viral video starring Nigerian singer Ruger at his show in Sydney, Australia. It seems the 22-year-old singer came to do more than perform.

Months back, Ruger hit the news after a fan grabbed his crotch while performing at a show. The singer stormed off the stage after the act. While fans blamed it on his explicit lyrics and bad boy lifestyle, the fan spoke out and said she wasn’t sorry for what she did.

Ruger seemed to have torn a few pages from the book and is dealing the cards himself this time. The singer was filmed dancing sexually with female fans at his show in Sydney, Australia. The very explicit video shows him doing dances of sexual styles while performing his songs.

The audience screamed when he was ridden by one of the girls. Did we mention he kept changing girls for the dances? Well, he did. Ruger has trended heavily since the video went viral. While some have criticized the performance on social media, others have praised him for giving his fans a show.





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