Nle Choppa Drops New Single “Champions”

Memphis sensation NLE Choppa has released a new single, “Champions”, which is a triumphant and inspiring track that showcases the rapper’s determination and motivation. The song is a testament to the strength and resilience of the city of Memphis and its residents, who have recently faced turmoil. “Champions” is a call to action for all underdogs, encouraging them to take a look at their own goals and aspirations and strive towards achieving them.

On the track, NLE Choppa reflects on his own journey and the reasons behind his drive to succeed. He raps about his family and how he wants to make a better life for his son and daughter. He also touches on his own struggles, admitting that he hates to struggle but recognizes that it makes him a stronger person. The energetic and reflective bars are set against a backdrop of victorious horns and militaristic percussion, creating a powerful and inspiring anthem.

NLE Choppa describes “Champions” as one of his favorite songs and a true expression of empowerment, determination, and motivation. He hopes that the song will speak volumes to people who are struggling to find purpose and direction in life, and that it will inspire them to keep pushing forward. The rapper also explains that he wants the track to be a reminder of what’s possible if you believe in yourself and work towards your goals.

The release of “Champions” follows the rapper’s January single, “23”, which was also produced by Tay Keith. “23” was a New Year’s resolution for NLE Choppa, who is determined to level up and take his artistry to new heights. The song calls for personal transformation and serves as a reminder of the rapper’s drive and ambition.

NLE Choppa’s 2022 album, Me vs. Me, was a major milestone in his career, showcasing the depth and range of his talent. The album combines introspective tracks like “The Gender Song” with electrifying bangers like “Jumpin” and “Shotta Flow 6”, displaying the rapper’s versatility and skill. With the release of “Champions” and “23”, NLE Choppa is poised to continue rising as one of the most prominent young voices in Memphis rap.

In conclusion, “Champions” is a powerful and inspiring track that showcases NLE Choppa’s determination and drive. The song is a call to action for all underdogs and serves as a reminder of the importance of perseverance and hard work. With the recent turmoil in Memphis, the rapper intends to show how resilient his hometown is and to inspire others to strive towards their goals and aspirations. The track is a testament to NLE Choppa’s own journey and a celebration of the strength and resilience of the city of Memphis.

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