NOTA & Berita Set To Formally Divorce After Months Of Separation

In a move that wouldn’t surprise many South Africans, Mzansi singer Berita has announced that she and her estranged husband NOTA Baloyi are getting a divorce. They were officially married, so they will follow due process to end the relationship.

The songstress revealed this much during a sit-down with Zimoja, noting that when she got married to the controversial music executive, she thought he was the one for her. But she was wrong. And now, here she is, separated from him, and working towards finalizing that with a divorce.

The two of them separated last year and since then, their relationship has been deteriorating badly, with NOTA occasionally lashing out at her online claiming that she was broke and homeless. But she denied his claims and shared pictures from a fancy crib where she was staying to disprove him.

Speaking on their imminent divorce, Berita noted that they have not communicated in a long time and that she has no clue what is going on in NOTA’s life, except the news she observes online, including his recent 60-day imprisonment for contempt of court.

It appeared NOTA had long moved on, as he was recently photographed having a wonderful time with a new lady in his car

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