NOTA Flays Berita Again, Bid He Return The Micael Kor Bags He Bought Her And Repair His Vehicles

Things are getting messier between NOTA and his estranged wife Berita, and it appears there’s no going back in their relationship.

Things took a dramatic turn for the worse recently when the controversial music executive asked Berita to return the designer bag (Michael Kors) he bought her or use the money to repair the vehicle she damaged.

He claimed that Berita crashed his Benz Viano into his C-Class and urged her to use the R14k for the Michael Kors bag he bought her to repair his vehicles. NOTA made this claim while also urging his estranged singer wife to make the repairs in a video shared online on popular Twitter user This Is Colbert. You can check it out below.

NOTA and Berita have been at loggerheads since she apologized to Ndamase for the way NOTA treated her during an interview. Berita had also claimed that NOTA listens to no one and needs help with his life.

In retaliation, NOTA had claimed that the Illuminati were controlling Berita. He didn’t stop there, however. He also claimed that it was a miracle that he escaped being killed while married to her.

Well, how Berita will respond to claims that he ruined NOTA’s vehicles remains to be seen.

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