NOTA Makes Big Claims About Estranged Wife Berita’s Life Insurance Policy

The drama between NOTA and his estranged wife isn’t over yet. In fact, it might be said to be taking new embarrassing hues, especially as the controversial music executive has just exposed his wife for allegedly failing to pay her life insurance premiums.

NOTA and Berita were pretty close at some point, with the music executive booking a spa session for her and all was fine and merry. Along the line, cracks had erupted in their relationship, with NOTA claiming that she was being controlled by the Illuminati, and Berita herself claiming that NOTA listens to no one.

NOTA had also claimed that she had threatened his life, an allegation she denied. Anyway, he is up with another claim, the veracity of which cannot be determined at the time of writing.

In a new Twitter rant, NOTA had claimed that Berita made them take a life assurance but that she had not been paying the annuity. This was brought to him by their financial advisor. He described her action as irresponsible, while also noting that he was tempted to assist at some point be resisted it because he was done empowering her.

For his part, he claimed to have increased his retirement annuity.

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