NOTA Plots Revenge Against Estranged Wife, Berita

NOTA’s marriage has crashed, but he isn’t letting that go just quickly. Instead, he’s plotting revenge against his estranged wife, Berita. And Trust the controversial music executive to share details about that online.

In a series of tweets, NOTA had stated that he would one day open a TikTok account where he would tell their kids the stories of the hoods their mother hop. He said that would be his revenge. He said Berita was putting him through this to prove he loved her.

In another tweet, he stated that when he recalls how Berita would always appreciate him for how well he treated her, it surprised him that he should try to erase his role in her life. He claimed his estranged wife had the opportunity to defend his honour, but she betrayed him. You can check out the posts below.

In a recent tweet, Berita had claimed that she left her marriage as quickly as January this year, adding that her estranged husband doesn’t listen to anyone and might need help mentally.

NOTA had taken umbrage at her words and started lobbing grenades in her direction, claiming the Illuminati were controlling her. He also noted he escaped being killed in his marriage.

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