Nota Reacts To Broke Rumors About Kwesta

Media star, Baloyi reacts to rumours of SA star, being broke.

It is no hidden thing that whatever relationship Mzansi rapper, and Baloyi had in the past is over. We have followed their backs and forth and it has all been bloody. Speaking about it once, the media star explained that when people’s business agreement in the industry end, they dont have to pretend to be family.

Apparently, their good graces toward each other only lasted with the duration of whatever agreement they had. Even with the release of his latest album, there have been rumours about being broke. The rumours also say he is suffering alcoholism.

Reacting to them, mocked him, and stated in a tweet that he tried his best to help the “Fire In The Ghetto” star but it wasn’t good enough. He also revealed that he still has some royalties to get through him.