Ntando Duma To Name Her Daycare Centre After Her Daughter Sbahle Mzizi

South African actress Ntando Duma continues to show with each passing that she has a profound relationship with her daughter Sbahle Mzizi, whom she had with her ex-lover Junior De Rocka.

It was a turbulent relationship, with De Rocka accusing her of fooling him and not taking her meds to prevent pregnancy when they agreed to that. Anyway, the years have passed and the product of that coital encounter has become an adorable little girl and an influencer in her own right.

And Ntando Duma couldn’t be happier for keeping the pregnancy. And she has been honouring her daughter the way she sees fit. Her latest plan is to establish an early education centre and name it before her daughter. There are no clues yet about when this would happen. But now and then there is the reminder that it is on the cards. you can check out the clip below.

This is one of several times when Ntando Duma has shown her love for Sbahle publicly. Previously, she had announced her plans to build a house for the kid. At the rate she is going, one wouldn’t be surprised to see that Sbahle has become one of the youngest car owners in Mzansi.

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