Ntando Duma’s Gogo Breaks Into A Dance Seeing Her Mercedes A200 AMG

Ntando Duma is living the life most people can only dream of. And not only is she happy for what she has been able to achieve, but her grandmother is also ecstatic for her as well.

The actress recently bought a brand new Mercedes A200 AMG worth about R700k. the purchase came after she left The Queen and clinched a Netflix gig.

The news of her purchase buzzed across Mzansi’s social media, and many of her fans congratulated her on the new ride. Others used it as an opportunity to call on their blessings to manifest just as Ntando Duma’s manifested.

After her purchase, Ntando Duma had driven her new whip to her grandmother’s. She was overjoyed to see the actress and what she had just acquired. Her grandmother had reportedly danced around the car in excitement, grateful for the blessings her daughter was manifesting.

In a post to her Instagram page, Ntando Duma had shared a picture of her acquisition, noting she lacked the words to express how excited she was about her latest ride. Her heart throbs with joy you can check out her post below.

The Benz is more like an early Christmas gift to Ntando Duma. Congratulations are in order.

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