“Okare Ke Elephant” – Lamiez Holworthy Shares Jokes About Her Pregnancy Body

Trust Lamiez Holworthy to throw an occasional joke at herself. She is currently pregnant and certainly in a jocund space. This reality manifested recently when she took to social media to joke about her pregnancy body.

In her post, she had joked about how she had become bigger and even compared herself to an elephant given her size. And for this reason, she no longer bothers to wear jewellery – something she is famous for. Well, as the saying goes, life has a way of doing things to people.

Not only is lamiez Holworthy an expectant mother, but she is also more than happy to be pregnant. The son she is expecting is like a light to her in a world where darkness appears to be prevailing, and she can’t wait to hold the child in her arms. You can check out her posts below.

She is one of a couple of celebs who are cool with announcing their pregnancies to the world and sharing their pregnancy journey along the way as well. Some celebs would rather keep things under wraps until they gave birth and maybe until their children have grown to a certain age.

Well, we can’t wait to bring you the news of her giving birth.

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