Okmalumkoolkat And Wife Princess Zulu Share Couple Goals In Cute Pictures

South African musician Okmalumkoolkat is apparently in a beautiful place in his relationship with his wife Princes Zulu, if the recent photos of them together are anything to go by.

One thing that cannot be missed, besides the radiance of love between them, is that they are incomparably photogenic together – a photographer’s delight any day.

From the outset, Okmalumkoolkat of the “Bhlomington” EP fame has been effusive and public about his love for his wife, using every opportunity he gets to show her just how much he adores her.

The feeling is mutual as Princess Zulu, a KZN native, has herself been vocal and effusive about her love for him. Her social media accounts are filled with adorable images of them together. The pictures cannot be missed.

In an industry where rappers change women every other week, making many form stereotypes of the rapper as an incorrigible womanizer, Okmalumkoolkat is quietly changing the narrative and enjoying every minute doing so.

Perhaps without exactly planning to, It appears Okmalumkoolkat is creating a relationship many would dream to have.

You may want to check out some charming pictures of him and his wife below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.


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