Okmalumkoolkat Rereleases His SAHHA Winner, 100k MaCassette Mixtape, Digitally As Well As “Spovagang” Ft. uSanele

It’s a walk into history, in a sense, for as he rereleases his “1 00k MaCassette ” digitally. Previously it wasn’t available digitally. He’s also released a song titled “Spovagang” in collaboration with uSanele.

“1 00k MaCassette ” was originally released six years ago, in 2015. At the time, it had clinched a South Hip hop Award (), bringing the songster to the attention of music lovers in the Rainbow nation.

Although not exactly a new song, “Spovagang” is a prelude to something new. It is the lead single from the rapper’s imminent album. Think of it as something fans have got to hold to while the songster concludes work on the imminent project.

“Spovagang” has a splash of history to it, though. describes the phrase as a Durban slang for sneakers in the 199os. So he and his pals decided to name themselves collectively as “Spova Gang.” The name has since caught on.

If you missed “1 00k MaCassette Mixtape” at the time of release six years ago, you may want to check it out at the end of this post. It’s a compilation of great promise. Hold to that and look forward the imminent album the champ promised. We’re gonna share it right here.

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