Oskido And Pearl Thusi To Join “PJ Party With DJ Zinhle”

DJ Zinhle's PJ Party set to stream Live via Oskido and Pearl Thusi's social media pages

DJ Zinhle’s PJ Party to stream Live via and Pearl Thusi’s social media pages.

DJ Zinhle is the party herself. Everything she touches is a huge vibe. We all love that about her. That’s why for many weeks now, usually on Thursdays, every fan tunes in to watch her deliver an amazing set on her PJ Party Live Show.

It’s only a few hours before today’s party begins and it already promises to be a whole mood. Last week, she featured DJ Helen Ting on the show, and fans went crazy for their performances. This week, things will be different. It seems we are going to be having a one woman show.

She recently shared the official poster for it, and it features only her. There’s no information about a featured guest. The party is set for a 7PM start so you might want to tune in. It will be Live Streamed via her, Oskido, and Pearl Thusi’s social media pages (YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram). For the first time, she added her bookings info to the poster.

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