Oskido Is Really Putting In Work At School

shows Mzansi how much work he is putting into his studies.

The man, will forever be one of the biggest inspirations Mzansi has ever known. The “Banky Banky” star proves the saying “Age is only a number”, and he does it in many amazing ways.

Last week, he announced that he had gone back to school despite his age. If anyone can pull that off, it most certainly is him. revealed that he was inspired to do it after his daughter challenged him to go almost a month without meat and alcohol.

According to him, he pulled it off for over a month and decided to do even more by going back to school just like he had always wanted to through the years. The project management student at the University of Pretoria seems to be pulling it off quite well. He recently shared a photo of himself studying with his classmates and Mzansi is so proud of him.

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