Pamela Anderson Receives Roses After her Broadway Debut with Chicago Musical

Pamela Anderson has just made her Broadway debut on the set of the musical Chicago and then couldn’t be happier. It was a personal milestone and one for which she received roses. She played the role of Roxie Hart.

Broadway is power, and to be on Broadway is to be in power. Anderson acknowledged this much when she described her experience as surreal. In fact, according to her, she had to pinch herself just to be sure she wasn’t dreaming.

While describing her Broadway debut as unexpected, she also noted it was an opportunity for her to shine. And did she shine! At the end of the day, or was clear that fans loved her performance. And for Anderson, it’s the beginning of greater things. She sees her Broadway appearance as the beginning of the rest of her career.

She sees herself as up to the task of what lies ahead. While her experience on Broadway isn’t particularly significant, she sees herself as a sponge, soaking up on things and ready to soak up on more.

Well, it remains to be seen where her singing adventures will take her after her successful Chicago musical on Broadway. She’s got big files and so have her fans.

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