Parole Hearing For Oscar Pistorius Pushed Aside

It is not yet for convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius as his parole hearing has been pushed aside. The paralympic ace had shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, at their home years ago.

During the initial hearing of the case, he claimed innocence, alleging that he thought there was a home invasion and had to defend himself and his property by discharging his arm. However, the court ruled that it was murder and nothing more.

A point for the conviction at the time was that he could hear Reeva Steenkamp’s screams from the bathroom where she was when he opened fire at her through closed doors.

The years passed, and Oscar Pistorius continued to fight in court to have a parole hearing. The initial struggle for a parole hearing was allegedly muffled by the state and family members of the late model.

But Oscar wasn’t giving up just yet. He had filed an application to compel the chairperson of the Atteridgeville Correctional Centre to hold a parole hearing for him.

Although the case was on the roll before the Gauteng High Court, the judge assigned to the case removed it from the role, allegedly by the consent of both parties.

Pistorius’s lawyer Julian Knight, who has been vocal throughout the case, was mum on why it was removed from the role.

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